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How can we defeat Keratoconus?

Keratoconus has long been regarded as a “dystrophy of unknown origin, but we shall provide relevant information and evidence to support the theory that keratoconus is a mechanical disease  caused by repetitive and vigorous  eye rubbing.

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This website is not intended to sell or promote any form of treatment or therapeutic agent. We wish to sensitize patients to the importance of eye rubbing in keratoconus causation and progression, and we shall demonstrate this with real patients and real case studies throughout the site.

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  • Damien GATINEL
  • Adrien MAZHARIAN 


  • Alain SAAD
  • Romain COURTIN
  • Christophe PANTHIER

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  • Cordelia CHAN
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This website describes our patients with keratoconus or those who developed ectasia (keratoconus-like changes) after refractive surgery. These patients are real and are happy to share their stories with us. All they were counselled to do was to stop rubbing their eyes or to change their sleeping position (to avoid compressing the eye), and their keratoconus improved and/or stabilized. We have photographic evidence, videos and comparative topographic maps to demonstrate clinical and topographic stability after cessation of eye rubbing. Many of these cases have been prospectively followed for up to 9 years from the time of diagnosis.
All these cases revealed clinical and topographic stability after the cessation of eye rubbing.
Number of cases
Average age of patients
Mean length of follow-up (months)
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Female cases
Unilateral cases

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The latest publications, news and views on keratoconus, from experts in the field of Ophthalmology

Patient Testimonials

Since I met Dr. Gatinel’s team, I realized the importance of eye rubbing and I realized that i was rubbing my eyes more often than i thought. My disease is stable since I stopped definitely rub my eyes. Thanks to them.
Case #36Ms F.D
I would like to thank Dr. GATINEL and his team who took the time to listen to me in consultation and to explain the issue of rubbing eyes in my illness. Since that time I noticed that my rubbing was important and my entourage also pointed out to me. From now on I have definitely stopped rubbing my eyes and my illness is no longer evolving.
Case #17Mr R.M

Website Visitors’ Testimonials

« Hi, Your findings about KC and rubbing is very interesting and should help many KC’ers. I have 2 questions if you don’t mind: – Now we seem to know (thanks to you) the causes of KC, does it mean research about it will stop since there is nothing more to discover? – About contact lenses (rigid, gas permeable), can they worsen the KC on the long term? Mine are not causing me any trouble since many years, should I still change them for new ones (same prescription ) ? Thanks for your useful website, and help. Best regards « 
« My 13-year-old has keratoconus in one eye (other eye is 20/20). He never complains about itching or dry eyes. He only rubs his eyes when asleep with his knuckles. He rubs his eyes 1 – 3 times very hard, and each time for 5 – 8 seconds. We have tried many things to curtail it – encouraging him to sleep on his back, wearing googles or eye shields (he unconsciously will remove), artificial tears, treating his allergies more aggressively (allergy shots, antihistamines, allergy eye drops, nose sprays) , utilizing best practices regarding bedding (bed covers, microfiber sheets, washing sheets weekly, etc.). Nothing seems to work. We are desperate to find a solution. Your site is the only one of the Internet I’ve found that discusses eye rubbing while asleep, so thank you so much for creating this site. If you have recommendations on how we should proceed, we would greatly appreciate it. Our doctors here don’t have any recommendations. »